Most of the people outside US is dreaming of having their own green card. And this is one of their dreams because they want to leave permanently in the US. This will give them the access to go there anytime they want. You can also help your family members to live in the US permanently. They can find a job easily and they won’t have a hard time looking for part time jobs. There are things that you have to think about whenever you are doing this. Of course, your plan is to help your relatives, but you also have to wait the possible consequences. 

There are actually three categories in order for them to be qualified. You have the immediate family or relative of a U.S. citizen. You can also choose for the other relatives of US citizen that is living there in the America. You can also check for the relatives of the current green card holder that is living now there. In order for you to achieve your green card, you need to have your own sponsor family member that is located in the United States. They should file for a petition in order for you to be part of their green cards. You can get information by talking to an immigration lawyer in Florida

You need to know the meaning when you say immediate relatives. It is also a reminder to you that there are unlimited numbers for this one. They have those relatives that they can have special priorities. When we talk about special priorities, it means that they don’t really need to wait for so many years or in line for a visa. It is good to know that a spouse or a partner of a U.S. citizen can actually apply for this one. If the child is in married at the age of 21 and below, then they can actually have this. For the parents, it should be over 21. 

If you’re planning for your relatives to have a better future, you also need to support them financially. If this is a process of sponsoring them. You have to prove to the USCIS that you have the ability to support your relatives, that you are bringing in the US. You have to fill out the information that you have to download on their website. You need to read and make sure that you can understand every single information that you are going to come across. There are personal matters that you need to submit as well. 

You have to prepare all the necessary and supporting documents that you can prepare. You also have to pay some money for your fees when you’re filing for the forms. It is important now that you have to submit your document. You can keep some copies or extra copies of it. Once there is an interview then you have to meet them. You were given the time and the date and make sure to be on time. You will be receiving a decision after a couple of days to month.