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Thanks to newspaper articles and television shows,  we are gaining a better understanding of the plight of feral cats and what we can do as a community to help. TNVR has made a difference in Mesa County and we continue to promote healthy,  vaccinated and sterilized colonies.

But what about the caretakers?  I would like to dedicate this space to them. So many people who call us for help feel that they have run out of options.  They report  threats from City officials, animal control and even neighbors, friends and family.  They often relate feelings of helplessness and anxiety, sometimes to the point that it is affecting their own health.  We feel an instinctive responsibility for all living things in peril. Some feel better by completely ignoring the problem, placing the burden on others or even just eliminating the problem . In actuality, this may only be a temporary fix. We are trying to supply a permanent solution to those who choose the TNVR option.

First of all, we need to remember that cats have a free will and their own agenda, feral or not. No amount of worrying is going to change this. Rest assured that feral cats often are able to exist very well outside. Their home may be non-traditional to us, but their surroundings are traditional to them.  Remember, they were all wild in the beginning. I know that we have all worried needlessly about a cat that is missing only to have it return home later.  We applaud a caretaker's efforts to provide basic necessities for feral cats, but we discourage having you do without in the attempt to provide for them.

You may still have contact with those who don't understand your passion and concern for "just a cat", but arming yourself with information available programs and solutions, you will feel that you are not alone.

Please use our resources link in order to find out why TNVR  is so successful , network with other organizations and garner information about what is going on in other states and around the world. Be proud that you are making a difference and there is support and understanding for what you do.

Thank you for your compassion and for supporting your local organization.--Barb Metsker, Program Director


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