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April 16th, 2014

Community Cat Care

Community Hospital                    

April 16, 2014

Members present: 

Barb Metsker, Mary Stark, Susan Fulton, Susan Crowley, Tom, Jodie MacTavish.  And guests from Redcliff Bingo:  Nova Tucker

Old Business:

Community Cat Care received funds from the Herberger sale.  Donations from the estate of Zelda Montoya have also been received.  A small donation was received from the Fruita Co-op event.  We also received a surprised donation from the Humanists Doing Good.

New Business:

Last month numerous ideas were discussed covering fund raising ideas.  Tonight Nova Tucker and owner of Redcliff Bingo attended our meeting and shared their up coming exciting opening of their new state of the art Bingo facility which will be opening in the same complex as Tuesday Mornings and Partyland.  They shared that they have spent a lot of time remodeling and working through the legal requirements of opening a new Bingo business in Grand Junction.

Redcliff plans to open towards the end of May and is looking for organizations who would like to partner with them for fund raising through Bingo events.  Each event rental for an organization is $400.00 per session.  Redcliff also makes money based on buying supplies from them for the event as well as concessions.

Community Cat Care will have to fill out documentation and submit it to the state in order to participate as well as have a minimum amount to guarantee the ability to pay out to winners to start.  Participating in Bingo events will give our organization a more steady larger income without having to ‘struggle’ for ideas and fund raisers that would not give us the return on our time and energy that Bingo seems to offer.

Redcliff has to have a commitment from the non-profits involved in fund raising.  They are looking for organizations who can commit to have enough volunteers for each session.  Due to the small nature of our organization it was felt that most members would not be interested in working every week and wondered if it was possible to ‘share’ session commitments since Redcliff is looking to have weekly commitments.  The Knights of Columbus were also looking to just do two weeks a month so it was suggested that it might be possible to ‘partner’ with them or another organization.

Susan Fulton seems to be the ‘expert’ Bingo person in our group and offered many tips and general information on how Bingo is managed.  Redcliff Bingo indicated that there would be some ‘free’ game management training on May 30.  It was thought that several people would benefit by attending so that more of us understand the process.

In general the idea was appealing but also had a few obstacles to resolve before being able to participate, one being having the initial funds to guarantee the payout as well as having the needed umber of volunteers each session.

Barb indicated that she would be willing to discuss the financial guarantee money with our bank, Alpine Bank and Norm Frankie.

It was also decided that several members would go to the old Bingo hall next Monday night.  This was so members could expereince Bingo and  to get a ‘feel’ for how things are run and what would be expected of volunteers on Bingo nights.  Plans were made to meet next Monday night at 7:00 p.m. April 21, at the Bingo hall on 28 ¼.

Mary Stark indicated that she had written a story about the cat at Mesa Feed but that the person to give the go ahead on the story was not available to ‘release’ it so this is on hold until her return.

Culinary Korner also wants to do a fund raiser for CCC and Mary Stark will contact them and find out more about the program.

Reminder:  Please bring a guest and a fundraiser idea to each meeting!

It was noted that Animal Planet aired a program on TNR – Trap, Neuter, and Return – this gives more attention to the problem and solutions to feral cats in communities.  Educating the public on this topic will raise awareness and possible support for our program.

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