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Crazy Cat Lady Cheryl
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Squizz was the first cat Scot and I had together.  We got him, or should I say he got us, when we were long haul truck drivers.   Of all the memorable things that happened during that time, this is one of the most amazing.

            Our truck was in being repaired one time and we were waiting in the drivers lounge for them to finish.  Squizz, being a superiorcat, waited with us on his harness.  He loved going places and checking out new things.

            Another driver came in and was very worked up and frustrated about his truck being broke down.   He sat down in one of the  lounge chairs and kicked up his feet, keeping up a constant stream of complaints. 

            About that time, Squizz decided he wanted to look around. He jumped down from the couch we were sitting in and started investigating the room and its contents. When he came around to the man in the chair he just jumped up onto his lap like he owned him.  I jumped up and went to take him off but the guy stopped me and told me it was okay.  He started petting him and was calmer almost instantly . 

           A few minutes later the guy fell asleep.  It was as if Squizz had taken all the stress away from him.  He stayed on his lap till it was time for us to leave.  

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Cats are great. I believe there is a calming effect when they are around also. My cat comforts me and is my best friend ever. She calms me down when I'm upset. Since all my kids are grown she is the only one left around and that's the best feeling ever-even if the kids are gone, she is still there with me.

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