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Posted by Crazy Cat Lady Cheryl on July 24, 2010 at 12:35 AM

Re-posted by Maureen for Web site editing purposes, sorry!

Yesterday, I came home to find all my cats strewn around thehouse.  Some were on the floor, some on the couch, book case and coffee table.  Some were in very undignified positions, all were in a near catatonic (pun intended) state.

After studying the situation, I could only come up with one solution.  The heat of the day caused some kind of small localized implosion that only affected cats. All my cats were sucked into one place, I think near the livingroom. 

When the gravity of all the cats together became great enough, there was an explosion.  All the cats were then thrown outward leaving them stunned and in the positions I found them.

After a few hours they seem to have recovered from the trauma of the event and are none the worse for wear.

The same thing happened today.  I was wondering if this was something that was only happening to my cats or is this phenomena is wider spread.

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