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Everyone is welcome to come to our meetings.

We meet the third Wednesday of each month at Community Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado at 6:00 PM in the #3 Conference Room, Lower Level.

Participants are encouraged to bring a guest and a fundraising idea to each meeting.

Community Hospital is between North and Patterson on the west side of 12th St., just north of Mesa College.

For questions, you can call 970-243-9098.






Barb Metsker - Director - 970-243-9098
Rose Tavoada - Vice President - 970-243-9098
Susan Fulton - Secretary - 970-243-9098
Eileen Organ - Treasurer -  970-243-9098
Agatha Phillips - Volunteer Coordinator - 970-243-9098


An easy recovery after neutering.  Can you tell Sunny's left ear has been ear-tipped? 











 Community Cat Care is a non-profit organization established in June of 2000.  We are a Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program.

The feral cats are trapped, taken to local vets and spayed or neutered.  While at the clinic, they are given a "well exam" by a licensed veterinarian.  We do this while they are sedated, and before surgery to make sure they are healthy.

Also, during the exam, they are vaccinated for rabies and distemper.  Lastly, the cats are ear-tipped.  Ear tipping is done on the very tip of one ear in an even, straight line.  We do this so that in a colony the unaltered cats can easily be distinguished from the ones that are sterilized. 

This procedure can also SAVE THEIR LIVES if they are caught by animal control.  Ear tipped animals are recognized as being sterilized and vaccinated, and are returned to CCC.

In an average year, Community Cat Care will spay/neuter 575 cats.  That is almost 50 cats per month!

CCC is composed entirely of caring and motivated volunteers in the Grand Junction, Colorado area.  The volunteers concentrate their efforts on fundraising and facilitating the TNR program in our community. Our past fundraising efforts have included selling cookie dough and donuts, hosting bake sales and yard sales and participating in local festivals. We are currently focusing on our famous yard sales, and promoting future online fund drives and products.  Our biggest fundraiser for the year is our annual Fur Ball, which includes music, dancing, and hors d'oeuvres, and our fabulous silent auction. Tickets available online!

We also need to give credit to the wonderful people in our valley that feed the colonies of feral cats. The caretakers are carefully screened to assure that the basic needs of food, water and shelter are provided.

Some colonies are as small as 3-4 cats, while others can be as large as 40-50 cats! Feeding these cats can become very expensive and we are able to help people with these costs through your donations and sponsorships






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